Demolition of Buildings at Rideau and Charlotte

On Monday October 29th, 2012, come out and watch the demolition of the derelict buildings at the corner of Rideau and Charlotte Streets in order to make way for the temporary park. The activities will start after 7 a.m., although the duration to conduct the demolition and ground grading is unknown.

Dès que le 29 octobre, sortir et regarder la démolition des bâtiments délabrés au coin des rues Rideau et Charlotte. Ils seront remplacés par un parc intérim. Les activités démarrera après 7h00. Nous ne sommes pas certain combien de temps le classement de démolition et la terre aura lieux.

Status as of 4pm on Thursday November 1, 2012:

1. The old Cajun Attic has been demolished, the basement cleaned out but not yet filled in.
2. The old African grocery store (blue brick) is gone.
3. The old buildings on Charlotte are gone but the basements still need to be filled in.
4. The residential building to the west of the African grocery store is gone but the basement is still to be filled in.
5. The corner restaurant building is still standing.
6. The contractor, Demo-Plus, has two large tracked machines on site.

The site will hopefully soon be cleaned up with the demolition finished some time on Monday and then we would expect the start of the landscaping.

Status as of 2:45 pm on Monday November 5, 2012:

1. The Contractor appears to have finished this portion of the work and has left the project.
2. The remaining equipment has to be removed.
3. The site has been mainly leveled and the temporary fence has been removed.