About the CSSC

In an effort to find solutions to the impacts of the opioid and opiate epidemic and the housing crisis on the residents of Sandy Hill, and especially North Sandy Hill, the Board voted to create this committee at the May 29, 2023 Board Meeting.

There is a lot of community interest in these issues and this committee is one way for us to work toward community-based solutions and advocate with a strong voice. The committee is open to ASH Members and non-members alike, as long as you are a Sandy Hill resident we would love to have you join.

The terms of reference were approved by the ASH Board on June 26, 2023.

Broad Mandate
To address matters pertaining to housing, and social services that impact Sandy Hill on behalf of the ASH Board of Directors. The CSS Committee has been created to address the needs of Sandy Hill residents and will act to improve community safety and wellness through research, advocacy, representation, and collaboration.

Click here to read the full draft ToR

As we get set up and move forward, this page will change, and sections may be added to the website. Keep checking in for more information!

CSSC Meeting Dates and Notes

This Committee is still being set up! While there are ToR, potential members are still expressing interest. We are looking to hold a first meeting in September 2023!

Updates from ASH

September 08, 2023:

Committee Chair, Calla Barnett and Councillor Stéphanie Plante were interviewed in a podcast from the basement (!!!) of Capital City Mission for The Recovery Connection by Jericho Road to discuss Ward 12, Sandy Hill, the Housing Crisis and the Impact of the Toxic Drug Supply, among so many other things! Check out what they have to say!


August 22, 2023
Letter to Minister Jones requesting a review of Consumption and Treatment Sites in Ottawa and Ottawa Public Health

Updates from the Community

Aug 19, 2023 Briefing Sheet from SHCHC
August 14 2023 update on CLC coordination and next steps
June 27 2023 Briefing Sheet from SHCHC and ASH


All residents of Sandy Hill are welcome on this committee! We need your input and ideas to be effective in our work. If you would like to be part of this committee, please send an email to cssc@ash-acs.ca.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!


If you need safety, security and/or medical support, in this service area, you can call the SHCHC directly.