Our Mission Statement:


Action Sandy Hill supports and defends Sandy Hill as a diverse, historic, and green community within a vibrant neighbourhood which welcomes people from all walks of life.


Our Mandate:


To understand and support the interests of Sandy Hill residents in matters of community concern.


To this end, the Board and the formal committees actively communicate with and educate the community on matters affecting the future of Sandy Hill by means of monthly meetings, invited speakers, the ASH website, a monthly ASH newsletter, as well as through our social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The community newspaper, IMAGE, is a great source of information and offers a platform for residents to voice their ideas and opinions. ASH also cooperates with other community association, particularly the Lower Town Community Association and the Vanier Community Association, and groups on matters of common interest.


Our Structure:

The association is comprised of a Board of Directors, which is elected each year in May at the Annual General Meeting. The committees of the Board are responsible for matters of concern to the Sandy Hill community. The association and its committees meet monthly except in July (summer break) and December (winter break). Recommendations for action emanating from the committees or general membership are made to the President and the Board.

See ASH’s Bylaws and our Terms of Reference





Susan Khazaeli


Trina Bolam Cooper


Megan Reilkoff


Cathy Major


2021 – 2022 DIRECTORS


Chair of Bylaw

Anya Fraser

Chair of Public Realm Maintenance and Public Safety

Peggy Ducharme

Chair of Communications & Events


Chair of Environment


Chair of Membership

David Elden

Chair of Planning & Heritage

Stéphanie Plante

Chair of Town & Gown

William Milner

Chair of Transportation

John Verbaas

Block Representatives

Jan Finlay


Yipeng Ge

Michael Barnes