Action Sandy Hill

Outreach & Membership Committee – Terms of Reference

The mandate of the Outreach & Membership Committee is to promote Action Sandy Hill, manage and maintain the Action Sandy Hill membership and contact lists, and support the promotion of Action Sandy Hill events and committees. More specific functions are to:

  • Maintain and Promote the Sandy Hill Brand
    • Work closely with all stakeholders to promote Sandy Hill in a manner that reflects the diversity of the neighbourhood.
  • Promote Action Sandy Hill
    • Identify opportunities to reach out to new members, and build an inclusive community association.
    • Post board meeting announcements and minutes on the Action Sandy Hill website.
    • Keep contact, board composition and by-laws posted on the website up-to-date.
    • Triage the Action Sandy Hill info email account and voicemail box and respond when applicable.
    • Identify and develop a plan to address outreach challenges annually.
  • Membership
    • Keep membership records up-to-date.
    • Keep contact list up-to-date.
    • Contact members and contacts twice monthly.
    • Promote membership in Action Sandy Hill.
  • Support Event and Committee Promotion
    • Post events and committee updates on the Action Sandy Hill website.
    • Include events and committee updates in emails to members and contacts.

The Outreach & Membership Committee is not responsible for creating event or committee content, nor is it responsible for translating content.

The Outreach & Membership Committee strives to provide all content for the website and email updates in both English and French.

If you wish to volunteer with the committee or have questions on outreach, please send an email to If you have comments and questions on any membership issues, please direct your correspondence to

  • Outreach and Membership Committee Terms of Reference