1.  Modifications to Chapel St to slow-down/reduce car volumes in order to make the street safer and more attractive as a cycling connection between Somserset St. E. and the Beausoleil Ave and to take advantage of planned cycling changes on Beausoleil Ave towards the Byward Market.
  2. Post-LRT changes:
    1. Implementation of raised cycle tracks on Laurier between Waller and Nicholas
    2. Redo pedestrian crossings and lane assignments at Laurier/Waller and Laurier/Nicholas east side
    3. Add bi-directional multi-use pathway on Waller between Laurier and Mackenzie-King bridge
    4. Open new multi-use pathway along LRT from Lees to Laurier
  3. Reduce to 2 travel lanes on Mackenzie-King bridge and replace with wider sidewalks and raised right side bike lanes between Elgin and the Rideau Ctr ped crossing. The bike lane then switches to the existing centre of the bridge cycling lanes on the eastern half of the bridge. These will be moved to the right side when this section of the bridge is re-built at some future date in time
  4. Improve cycling connection on Daly under Rideau Ctr and across Colonel By in order to connect northwards to new segregated bike lanes added on Mackenzie Ave north of Rideau St in 2017
  5. Addition of bike lanes to Greenfield Ave between King Edward Ave and Main St. In the 2019-2022 timeframe Greenfield Ave will be under construction for the renewal of it’s sewer infrastructure.  When rebuilt, some on-street parking will be removed and bike lanes will be added in each direction along Greenfield Ave.


Changes that have been suggested by the Community but no commitments to implement (as of Jan 2022)

  1. Pedestrian crossing of Laurier in the vicinity of Range/Strathcona park
  2. Pedestrian crossing somewhere on Charlotte between Laurier and Rideau
  3. Pedestrian crossing of King Edward at Daly Ave
  4. Pedestrian and cycling crossing of Lees at it’s intersection with the 417 Westbound off-ramp to King Edward in order to provide a connection to the multi-use pathway along the LRT between Lees Ave station and Laurier Ave.
  5. Remove road narrowing bulbout on Somerset at Henderson or modify so cyclists can ride over it (to eliminate the situation of EB cyclists forced into general traffic lanes at the intersection)
  6. Remove on-street parking on Somerset (Sweetland to Nelson) in order to extend WB cycling lane on this block rather than forcing cyclists into the general traffic lanes as they try to cycle up the hill.
  7. Provide a safer and more separated cycling connection eastbound on the Cummings Bridge.
  8.  Other potential traffic calming measures inside Sandy Hill
    1. Raised intersection at Chapel and Mann
    2. Raised intersection at Somerset and Chapel
    3. Raised/Modified intersection at Range/Mann
    4. Consider addition of speed humps along Mann/Range/Templeton/Russell