What is Action Sandy Hill?

Action Sandy Hill (ASH) is a volunteer-led community association that represents and promotes the neighbourhood of Sandy Hill within the City of Ottawa.

ASH was created in 1969 in response to the proposed “King Edward Expressway” that was being proposed to run through the neighbourhood.  Action Sandy Hill won that battle and, since then, has continued to grow and evolve.

Our Mission

Action Sandy Hill’s mission is to promote and preserve Sandy Hill as a Historic, diverse and green community within a vibrant neighbourhood which welcomes people of different ages, cultures and incomes.

Our Objectives

  • To provide a strong, urban neighbourhood voice for all of Sandy Hill
  • To represent the diverse interests of the community with informed positions on planning and development, housing, heritage issues, transportation and traffic, recreation, the environment, and other issues of community concern
  • To support Ottawa’s inner city as a centre of viable commercial activity and vibrant residential neighbourhoods and to have these objectives endorsed by the City’s Official Plan
  • To represent the interests of Sandy Hill in developments beyond our community, where these can have an impact on our quality of life
  • To provide a forum for discussing and solving community problems and concerns
  • To promote a sense of community in Sandy Hill, through recreation and other programs
  • To preserve and enhance Sandy Hill’s residential integrity and unique urban heritage in architecture and landscapes
  • To support basic community services – schools, health care, shopping
  • To help community members make their own connections to needed services
  • To work with community residents to protect and enhance the quality of our natural environment

Our Vision

ASH will strive to create a neighbourhood that:

  • is a vibrant, yet safe and caring place free of anti-social behaviour;
  • thrives on cultural and linguistic diversity;
  • includes people of all ages and with a wide range of incomes;
  • is supportive of small businesses and commercial establishments;
  • treasures and protects of our architectural and historical heritage;
  • nurtures our parks, trees and natural environment;
  • accommodates sustainable growth that keeps our neighbourhood livable; and
  • is affordable and accessible.