From: Thierry Harris <>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2018 at 16:14
Subject: Re: The Pledge
To: <>, <>

Our ward is one of the most historical places in Canada. In the face of mounting development pressures, it’s critical to act now to preserve our heritage for future generations.
My commitment:
·      Establish a Derelict Homes Fund to bring vacant properties back in use
·      Valorize our past: create a series of heritage guides for ward 12
·      Teach developers: create design guides to help them conform to heritage
·      Fast–track permits for property owners fixing up heritage properties
·      Force developers to preserve key elements of heritage buildings
·      Explore grants and donations from private foundations to revive heritage properties for public use
·      Enhance heritage conservation and protection designations
·      Increase city staff and resources to identify and protect heritage properties and enforce heritage bylaws
·      Implement better support for citizen-led initiatives such as Prime Minister’s Row, Heritage Walks and others
  ·    Impose mandatory inspections and annual fees that escalate each year for derelict buildings
·      Set limits for how long a property can be vacant and allow the city to expropriate properties in cases of extreme neglect
·      Take the lead in defending our heritage: implement Heritage Ottawa’s recommendations for the preservation of Château Laurier
·      Implement the recommendations of Julian Smith’s recent report (Ottawa’s Heritage Conservation – Districts at Risk), which includes making the Built Heritage Sub-Committee a full committee of Council.


Thierry Harris
City Councillor Candidate / Candidat, Conseiller municipal
(613) 265-4655