From: Annie Barrette <>
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2018 at 13:25
Subject: Mathieu Fleury takes the pledge
To: <>

Good afternoon,

Please see statement below from Mathieu Fleury. Should you require anything else, do not hesitate to contact me.


Annie Barrette

Team Fleury




I, Mathieu Fleury, will be accepting your invitation to take the pledge.

My vision for Lowertown, Sandy Hill and Vanier is about continuing to create a safe, healthy and dynamic community where families, youth and older adults have the right services and spaces to enjoy the many things that our community has to offer.

That means that I will focus on the following if elected for another term:

Ensuring a positive quality of life for residents by enforcing property maintenance standards, limiting Payday Loan establishments, having noise controls, adequate snow clearing, a waste management plan, accessible and convenient public transit, as well as a walkable and cycling friendly environments.
Preserving the heritage and historic characteristics of Sandy Hill by stopping bunkhouses and promoting diverse housing options for families, students, older adults, newcomers and the most vulnerable.
Leading the beautification of public spaces in the Byward Market.
Encouraging the establishment of thriving local businesses along our main streets.
Having a modern and innovative housing plan that addresses homelessness by providing permanent homes with support services.
I want to continue listening and engaging with residents, working together to make our community even more connected and a place where everyone belongs and is heard.