Terms of Reference

On July 29, 2013, a Special Housing Committee (SHC) was created to deal with the question of the university’s plans for residences off campus. ASH VP, Robert Forbes, will act as coordinator for:

1. Short term ASH response to the university’s recent correspondence (https://ash-acs.ca/univ-ottawa-residences/), to gather more information and maintain constructive dialogue.
2. Short-to-medium term strategy to directly respond to this initiative as well as articulate the community’s vision for Sandy Hill.

A number of excellent ideas have already appeared on these subjects and more will be fleshed out in the coming days.


1. Board members to help with item one, above.
2. A variety of volunteers to work on strategy and steps, particularly for item two. If you would like to volunteer or otherwise contribute to this effort, please contact us at info@ash-acs.ca.
3. Contact details for potential external consultants, planning, legal, other university, campaign etc. are also sought.
4. The inclusion of other stakeholders including: other community people, our councillor and city staff, other levels of government, alumni, heritage, schools, businesses, etc.


Last Updated: 02-August-2013