East End Interprovincial Bridge Ph 1 Study: In 2007 the NCC, the Province of Ontario and the Province of Quebec launched another comprehensive study to determine where a new interprovincial crossing should be built. Fourteen options were evaluated at twelve locations (both east and west of downtown). The NCC elected not to move forward with any options other than an additional Ottawa River vehicular crossing in the east only. In 2009 the NCC concluded the best location was the Aviation Parkway/Kettle Island/Montée Paiement corridor.

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East End Interprovincial Bridge Ph 2 Study:  Following public pressure the Ph1 study was deemed incomplete and a more detailed study was conducted from 2010 to 2013 to compare the three previously highest-ranked locations for a bridge.  In 2013 the conclusion was once again that a new bridge should be built at Aviation Parkway/Kettle Island/Montée Paiement. The study also revealed some additional details. It would spread the truck problem to additional communities and there was no certainty that it would lead to the removal of the majority of trucks from the King-Edward, Rideau, Waller and Nicolas (KERWN) corridor. Estimates at the time were that the number of trucks diverted to a new bridge would be about 40% of the trucks on the King Edward Corridor. It would also have a negative impact on public transit ridership, both in Ottawa and Gatineau.

The Province of Ontario, again under public pressure, withdrew at this point from further participation in this Study. Shortly after, the Province of Quebec withdrew its participation, and finally the NCC ended the effort. The downtown truck problem remained unresolved yet again.

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