Calla Barnett has lived in Sandy Hill for at total of 9 years as a renter, a student and a parent. She loves the diversity of the community and is truly passionate about supporting and representing the interests of all community members. She has lived in the NorthWest area of the neighbourhood for 7 years and, given the new direction ASH is taking, believes she can contribute her knowledge of social justice issues, government processes, human rights and not-for-profits to strengthen these new efforts at diversity and inclusion. She is a queer, disabled, cisgender, white woman who wants to share her experiences of inclusion and advocacy to ensure that Sandy Hill community members have access to information, services, supports, and advocacy in a safe(r) and welcoming space.


Glenn Grignon has lived in Sandy Hill for 36 years and is a member of the Sandy Hill Housing Co-operative. His family’s long history in Sandy Hill dates back to before World War II. Glenn is currently the Treasurer of the Ottawa Community Land Trust and an avid enthusiast of creative solutions to community housing issues.
He raised his family here and hopes it continues to be a family-friendly neighbourhood. He is excited to leverage his professional skills, volunteer experience and interests to help build a better Sandy Hill.


Jessica Silburt has lived in Sandy Hill for over three years. As a newer resident, she appreciates the neighbourhoods diversity, inclusion, walkability and character. As a new mother, her and her husband (who is a long time resident of Sandy Hill) have decided to raise their family here. They look forward to their children attending the daycare and schools in the neighbourhood as well as making life-long friends. Jessica currently works in the healthcare field after a 15 year career in real estate. Outside of work, Jessica enjoys exploring the amazing walking paths and restaurants in the area.




Marilyn Whitaker Resident of Sandy Hill for 45 years, Marilyn is living now in a house designed for aging in place.
Marilyn has a Master in Environmental Studies (MES) degree, and a Horticultural Industries  diploma. Her work experience includes  research on urban issues, housing, indigenous issues, international negotiations, and garden design and maintenance
Environmental and gardening activities as well as writing for several community newspapers have been part of her volunteer activities. Her primary interests on the ASH Board are expected to relate to planning and housing issues and environmental issues affecting the overall community.