ASH’s Response to the Lees Transit Oriented Development Study

December 9, 2013

Christopher Zwierzchowski, Committee Coordinator
Planning Committee
City of Ottawa
110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa (ON) K1P 1J1

Re: Lees Transit-Oriented Development Study

Dear Mr. Zwierzchowski,

Action Sandy Hill (ASH) is a volunteer-led community association that represents and promotes the interests of Sandy Hill and its residents. One of our primary objectives is to preserve and enhance Sandy Hill’s residential integrity and unique urban heritage in architecture and landscapes. To that end, we believe that any development in Sandy hill should be required to be respectful of the surrounding neighbours and make a positive contribution to the overall community.

With the above in mind, ASH would like to reiterate our support for the current proposal for the Lees TOD study area as presented September 24, 2013 at City Hall. The current proposal excludes the eastern portion of Robinson Avenue, as it has been redeveloped relatively recently, but does take into account the western portion. The study recommends that the western portion of Robinson Avenue be zoned low-density in accordance with the TD1 sub-zone and therefore identified as being appropriate for redevelopment up to 20 metres or 6-storeys in height. Our understanding is that the purpose of this recommendation is to ensure that there is a transition between the high-density/high-rise developments at the core of the study area and the existing low-density/low-rise development along the eastern portion of Robinson Avenue. As such, it is critical that this facet of the proposal be maintained.

ASH would like to make it clear that we support the residents of Robinson Village who are concerned by efforts to change the proposed density profile for the western portion of Robinson Avenue. The proposal as is offers a good balance between intensification and compatibility with the existing neighbourhood.

Best regards,

Chad Rollins
Vice-President, ASH
Co-Chair, Planning Committee

cc: Mathieu Fleury, Councillor Ward 12
Don Morse, Planning & Growth Management Department

Copy of ASH Response to Lees TOD Study 09-Dec-2013