Community Survey – 2 Robinson Avenue

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Have your say – please fill out the survey lower down in this post. Click here to jump to the survey.

Action Sandy Hill and a group of interested residents and stakeholders from Coop Voisins, Robinson Village, Ottawa Community Housing and the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre are seeking Sandy Hillers’ feedback on a development being proposed for 2 Robinson Ave.

The group meets with City staff, the Councillor and the developer to defend the neighbourhood’s interests. We want to hear from residents to inform and strengthen our points. We also welcome new members! Let ASH know your interest by sending an email to

The 2 Robinson site is the former Iranian Community Centre, located directly to the south of Strathcona Heights, on the west side of Chapel at Lees [click for larger view]:


The documents accompanying the first stage of the developer’s application, can be found here:

At this time, the biggest item the developer is seeking to amend is the zoning bylaw, to allow four 30-storey towers (where normally only 20 storeys would be allowed).

The next stage in the application process is called Site Plan, and this is where further details on the buildings, their units, floorplans, etc. will be provided.

Until then, we are working with numbers of up to 3,250 new residents in this development (Sandy Hill has about 15,000 residents currently). Over 900 parking spaces are being proposed and this meets the minimum parking requirement in the zoning rules, as well as 1,190 bike stalls, many stacked.

The City receives from the developer monies to pay for the additional infrastructure required for the development. The City also receives extra monies if the developer’s requested amendments are permitted.


1) The development is very large. The major amendment the developer is seeking – to increase the height by an extra 43 stories in total – is a leverage point to negotiate for additional features to the site, such as affordable housing, only if the community is willing to accept the additional density the extra stories mean.

2) The developer is interested in affordable housing but is not obliged by City rules to have any.

3) The developer has said there will be a mix of 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom rental units, but has not said how many of each, and at this stage in the process, does not have to be specific. The greater the mix, the greater range of demographics can be served.

4) The developer is proposing a public park at the southeast corner of the site, at Chapel and Lees.

5) The core group of residents and stakeholders have to date indicated they want to see:

    • affordable housing
    • excellent connectivity for active transportation from all directions
    • a good mix of unit bedroom numbers and some different housing types to cater to a
    • broad demographic of residents
    • an energy efficient development that is net-zero in greenhouse gas emissions
    • as much tree canopy, greenspace and permeable surface area as possible
    • ground-floor spaces for commercial such as a grocery store, services like doctors and
    • dentists, community space such as a community kitchen, daycare
    • City of Ottawa improvements such as additional infrastructure (library, swimming pool, subsidized day care spaces) and/or services to serve the increase in population and the existing residents
    • A guarantee that Chapel St. will not be reopened;
    • Design excellence in this high-rise development in the Downtown core


Please let us know what you think by filling in the survey: