ASH Presentation on Heritage Preservation in Sandy Hill

Chad Rollins, President of Action Sandy Hill (ASH), made a presentation to the City’s Planning Committee on February 24th as part of the consultation on the 2015 Budget. Through this presentation ASH attempted to demonstrate to the City that investments in heritage preservation can serve as an economic driver, particularly as it relates to tourism. ASH specifically asked that the City ensure that funds are allocated in the budget to:


  1. Complete and implement the Uptown Rideau Community Design Plan;
  2. Update the Sandy Hill Secondary Plan
  3. Adopt the report of the 2010 Sandy Hill Heritage Study and implement the recommendations contained therein.
ASH also proposed the creation of a new heritage tax credit. We will be meeting with Councillors in the coming weeks to further this proposal. For more information see the attached ASH Report to Planning Committee on Budget 2015.