ASH Presentation on 261-281 Laurier Application

On Feb 25, 2014 the City of Ottawa Planning Committee will hear the application demolish 6 buildings of historic interest to build a 9-storey 650 bed private student residence at 241 Laurier and Friel.  The site is currently zoned R4 Residential.  Action Sandy Hill objects to the height and mass of such a structure in a low-profile area.  The proposal is completely inconsistent with the Sandy Hill Secondary Plan which was developed through a very rigorous process.  No rationale to violate the Secondary Plan has been provided.

Sandy Hill is a historic neighbourhood and this site is adjacent to several Heritage Conservation Districts and Laurier Avenue has a special historical and architectural character.  Four of our prime ministers have lived on Laurier Avenue East and their houses still stand.  The Laurier and Friel site is worthy of sensitive future development, in a way that would be consistent with the character of the neighbourhood and of existing bylaws.

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