ASH Advocacy Leads to Question in Parliament

ASH Community and Social Services Committee worked with CPC Critic for Mental Health and Addictions, MP Laila Goodridge to understand the Safer Supply Ottawa partnerhsip. She asked the following question was asked on the House of Commons Order Paper:

Q-2522 — April 9, 2024 — Mrs. Goodridge (Fort McMurray—Cold Lake) — With regard to funding allocated to Pathways to Recovery’s Safer Supply Ottawa Program through Health Canada’s Substance Use and Addictions Program (SUAP), since 2016: (a) what specific measures, if any, were implemented to ensure that companies owned or operated by members of Pathway’s board of directors did not financially benefit from the funding; (b) prior to receiving the SUAP grants, did Pathways disclose any conflicts of interest to the government, including whether or not any of their board of directors would profit from funding provided; (c) do any of the terms within the funding agreements include prohibitions on conflicts of interests and personal profit from the grants, and, if so, which agreements include such terms and what are their summary; (d) what are the details of all funding provided to Pathways, broken down by the (i) date, (ii) amount, (iii) project description; and (e) what specific safeguards, if any, are in place to ensure that substances provided by Pathways do not end up trafficked by drug dealers?

The response from government is due in 45 days.