Urban Shades Community Garden

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There is good hews for the Urban Shades Community Garden. They are being funded $7000 by the City of Ottawa through the Community Garden Development Fund (http://justfood.ca/community-gardening-network/community-garden-development-fund/). An additional $2000 will be provided for compulsory soil tests. The organizers wish to thank you for your support, efforts and hard work on this project. Additional thanks are sent to Just Food for their aid in coordinating the application process.

The next step to cross is the conduct of the soil testing. Hopefully the tests will come back negative with no contaminants. There are two possible outcomes:

  1. No contaminants – A beautiful garden will be built with native and shade loving plants at ground level. The area will be sheet mulched (http://permaculturenews.org/2012/07/20/gorgeous-gardens-from-garbage-how-to-build-a-sheet-mulch/). ACTION ITEM – To accomplish sheet mulching, a number of cardboard boxes will be required, so if you have the typical brown packing cardboard boxes lying around, do drop them off close to the entrance of 18 Blackburn Avenue.
  2. Contaminants present – A beautiful RAISED BED garden will be built. This will be the fall-back plan if the site is indeed contaminated.

The soil tests can only be done after the first thaw, and it will take 6 weeks to get results. It is being worked on.

Meanwhile, connect with the organizers through Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/urbanshadesottawa, and Twitter at #urbanshadesottawa for updates.

For more information, please contact:

Caroline John
Urban Shades Community Garden
Intersection of Laurier Avenue E/Blackburn Avenue
613-656-9322, 613-795-4322