Temporary Park Proposed For Sandy Hill

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[26-April-2012] EMC News – The Sandy Hill community association is in favour of a developer’s proposal to demolish three decrepit buildings at the corner of Rideau and Charlotte streets and create a temporary park.

Demolition proposals for the Richcraft-owned properties at 588 and 592 Rideau Street and 165 Charlotte St. were submitted to the city on April 12. After demolition, Richcraft is proposing to put grass on the cleared site, creating a city-leased park.

Action Sandy Hill was first notified of the concept at their February board meeting. The board is in favour of the plan and understands the park will be temporary.

“We are still awaiting a document to sign that indicates we were in agreement with the demolition of the buildings and the installation of a temporary park and that we would not oppose the park’s removal in the future when the site is ultimately developed,” said Christopher Collmorgen, Action Sandy Hill president. “We have been pushing for a solution and are highly supportive of this initiative.”

Benches, trees, garbage bins and a pathway were among the features shown in a conceptual drawing attached to the application.

Richcraft will be responsible for the construction of the park and will pay for the annual operating costs, which are estimated at about $10,000 a year. The city will lease the park from Richcraft for $1 per year.

A site plan proposal for the park will be submitted to the city within six weeks. The developer estimates the park would be completed by October.

At this time there is no approved site plan for the development of these properties, but the site has been recently re-zoned for an eight-storey mixed commercial/residential use building, which could be developed within 10 years the approval date of the proposal.