Strathcona Heights Homework Club Looking For Donations

Ruweida Shire, who has inspired and manages the Strathcona Heights Homework Club, is pictured here with two donated bikes at the Ottawa Housing Complex on Chapel.  She knows exactly who can make good use of them in her varied and close-knit community.   If you have a bicycle or other items which you think may be of use to their program, please contact Action Sandy Hill at or leave ASH a message at the Sandy Hill Community Centre.  The homework club extends to summertime activities so all sorts of equipment is welcome.  The program aims to keep a multitude of kids busy all year round.  Participating children range in age from  4 to 18 years.  Approximately 197 children are enrolled in the after school program, which takes place in one big room on site.  Numbers of kids alternate through the evenings during the week to ensure everyone gets individual attention. 

Pencils and paper also welcome.  If you think they need it, they probably can make good use of your donation!  And one or many children will be sporting some very wide smiles.