The One & Only Arts and Crafts Fair is organized by members of Sandy Hill’s community association, Action Sandy Hill, and is held each November at the Sandy Hill Community Centre. Funds raised are used to support work in the community by Action Sandy Hill and local youth and arts organizations. After a two years when we were not able to hold the fair artisans and artists are invited to apply to be a vendor at this year’s event, which will take place on Saturday, November 12, 2022.

We look for unique products that are:

  • Hand-made – made by the artisan from scratch, for example: the beads on a necklace are hand-made or come from a unique source.
  • Quirky – unusual, interesting, inventive, arty and non-traditional.
  • Good-quality – good value for the price.

To avoid disappointment, the jury encourages vendors to offer for sale some items valued at under $50.00.

A jury will determine if the product meets the criteria above, is a good fit with others in the show, and will ensure that that we have a good variety of offerings (FYI here is the vendor directory for the 2019 event). This year the Fair will take place in conjunction with the Good Book Sale (a used book sale in an adjoining space). Vendors are encourage to contribute.


Facility and Terms

  • Registration fee: Early bird price paid on or before 31 July 2022 $50.00. Regular price paid after 31 July 2022 $65.00.
  • Cancellation/refund policy: if you have paid and then need to cancel the fee paid will be refunded (less $10.00 to cover administration costs) so long as you let us know before 15th October 2022 (4 weeks prior to the event). We reserve the right to not refund any of the fee if you cancel after 15th October 2022.
  • Every vendor is responsible for processing his/her sales transactions. Note: the as of June 2022 the venue does have public wifi service.
  • A space measures at least 8 feet by 5 feet. One table will be provided per registered vendor (a rectangular table of 6 feet by 2½ feet; two chairs will be also be provided per table). A limited number of spaces have good access to an electrical outlet, every effort will be made to allocate these spaces to vendors who request them on a first come first serve basis.
  • There is a limited amount of free parking in the community centre parking lot; entrance off Sweetland St.
  • There is a loading zone at the front entrance but please take care not to block the handicapped parking space there.
  • Additional details about the event logistics and publicity will be provided closer to the date (typically in September).
  • Advertising: Posters about the Fair will be put up in the Sandy Hill area, on Action Sandy Hill’s website, and ads will be placed in local newspapers and on social media. Cards will be distributed to local businesses. You will receive a digital version of the Fair’s poster, which you are encouraged to print and post in your area, at work and on your social media.
  • Raffle: A raffle will be held during the Fair. A condition of vendor participation is a donation to the raffle of an item made by them valued at $20.00 or less. Items will be collected on the morning of the Fair.

Application Process

Please complete and submit the application form below. Note: We ask for 3 images of your work to be attached to complete the application form. The specifications are JPG or or PNG format, at least 500 pixels on longer side but please try and keep the file size no larger than 1 megabyte (will be used for web), title format: please identify the file by naming as follows “BUSINESS NAME_01/2/3_PRICE”. E.g. Sandy Hill Crafter_01_25 dollars.jpg, Sandy Hill Crafter_02_25 dollars.jpg & Sandy Hill Crafter_03_25 dollars.jpg.

By submitting the application form you agree to the conditions above including the cancellation/refund policy and agree to donate a small item to the raffle.

You will hear back from the organisers as soon as possible to let you know if your application has been accepted, we are aiming to respond within ten working days.

If accepted you will be asked to pay the table fee via PayPal, a link will be provided at that time.


Floor plan with table numbers

Sandy Hill One & Only vendor application