Sandy Hill Ice Rink – Seeking Volunteers for 2013-2014

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The rink is about a month away from start-up, which has historically (at least over the last three years) occurred over the Christmas holidays. By that time there should be a reasonable snow pack and consistent sub-zero temperatures. The organizers of the ice rink, Gabrielle and Bryan Dewalt are currently updating their mailing list and working on snow clearing arrangements for the season.

The organizers are seeking volunteers to help with the maintenance of the ice rinks at the Sandy Hill Park (behind the Sandy Hill Community Centre). You are also welcome to form your own team to maintain the rink for one week of the season, which will be coordinated through the organizers.

This year, Bryan and Gabrielle would like to organize a dedicated rink start-up crew. Laying down the base ice is the biggest job of the season and usually falls right around the time everyone is thinking more of Christmas dinner than ice making. They have always taken on start-up as a family project, with the welcome assistance of a few friends in the neighbourhood, but it’s always been hit or miss on whether they would have help when we needed it. So this year, they wish to have a list in place before Christmas. They are working on a couple of ideas to make start-up easier. Stay tuned for more details but in the meantime please let them know if you can sign on for a few hours over the holiday break.

To volunteer for for more information, please contact Gabrielle and Bryan at