Robinson Village Traffic

Robinson Avenue traffic and parking will be affected when planned construction begins at three sites in the neighbourhood. According to plans provided to local residents by Beacon Lite Traffic Control Specialists, Robinson Avenue will be one-way (clockwise) once the demolition of the existing buildings on the three sites begins and during the construction; entry to the residential loop of Robinson Avenue will be at the north end. A significant number of the existing on-street parking spaces will be eliminated until demolition and construction is finished. As well it is expected that at least part of the parking space on Hurdman Avenue will be assigned to Robinson Village parking permit holders during construction. Two pedestrian crossings will added at locations where the footpath is blocked by construction.

Details are shown in the plans for each site below (Phase 1 = demolition, Phase 2 = construction):

Phase 1 - 19 Robinson Ave

Phase 1 - 29 Robinson Ave

Phase 1 - 134 Robinson Ave

Phase 2 - 19 & 29 Robinson Ave

Phase 2 - 134 Robinson Ave

Phase 3 – Robinson Ave – BL-2 – 11972-1-Rev-2 (4)