Rideau/Sussex/Colonel-By Intersection Enhancement Study

The NCC hired (Mar 2008) an engineering firm to make proposals on enhancing this intersection to reflect its importance as a “gateway” to parliament and the governor general’s residence. They also wish to improve this intersection from a pedestrian and cycling point of view. The outcome of the study will be a proposed design concept that is intended to achieve the NCC’s goals of making this a distinguishing intersection for the National Capital. The Action Sandy Hill transportation representative will follow this initiative to ensure the quality for all modes of transportation in the community are adequately taken into account in any proposed redesign of this intersection.

No further information is available on the web at this time however there are indications that the NCC would like to proceed with this project together at the same time as the implementation of the Rideau St station of the LRT project (2017-2018 timeframe).


Last Updated: 25-Jun-2012