Rideau River Multi-Use (Pedestrian/Cycling) Crossing

Due to the resounding success of the new Corktown foot bridge crossing the canal from Somerset Street to Ottawa U. (4x the usage than what was forecast), City Council is moving forward with a study for another foot (and cycling) bridge from Somerset Street East by Strathcona Park across the Rideau River. In fact there had been such a bridge at this very location many decades ago. In April 2010 a study was initiated. And during 2010-2011 public consultations were held to discuss various designs, alternative locations, and environmental impacts. A final recommendation for a location and design was proposed late in 2011 and the 2012 budget includes over 1m$ to perform the detailed design and complete the environmental assessment. Construction would likely follow sometime after 2012 after City Council makes a final decision whether or not to proceed with the project. For more details on the initial launch of the project see the web site below.

For more details on the initial launch of the project see the web link below.


The Project website can be found at:



Last Updated: 28-Sept-2012