Residential Infill and Conversions

posted in: Infill and Zoning

The City of Ottawa recently passed new by-laws related to residential infill in mature neighbourhoods and residential conversions.

The infill by-law will require developers of new residential infill to carry-out a character analysis; the results of which will dictate some characteristics of their development. These characteristics include items like the: location of the front door, location of parking, percentage of front yard landscaping, etc. This by-law also aims to make it difficult to add new front yard parking spaces.

The conversions by-law essentially removes all special provisions for conversions, which had been abused by some developers. Instead, a conversion will still be possible but will have to meet all the requirements of the zoning by-law just as any new build would need to do. This change will not prevent the conversion of houses but, in combination with the new infill by-law, should ensure that such conversions follow the rules and are more compatible with the character of the area where they will be built.

A new zoning study has also been launched; dubbed Infill 2, it is intended to address the issues of height and mass of new buildings in mature neighbourhoods. The goal is to eventually increase yard setbacks and decrease height in order to further ensure that infill blend-in better with mature neighbourhoods.

A brochure prepared by our Councillor’s office, provides more information on these issues.

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