Ottawa Moves (Downtown Walking and Cycling Study)

In the fall of 2011 the City announced a major public consultation process to identify opportunities to improve the pedestrian and cycling environment in the downtown as part of the implementation of the LRT project during the 2016-2018 timeframe. Since the number of buses running along Albert and Slater streets will be reduced to approximately 30% of their current level, opportunities may arise to change the function of those streets considerably. The scope of the study area extends across the canal into Sandy Hill as far as Waller street for an area surrounding the Rideau St LRT station. ASH is participating in this study and will make a strong case for improving the walking and cycling connections between Sandy Hill and the Rideau LRT station/Downtown.

One of the side effects of the implementation of the LRT project is that Sandy Hill/Ottawa U. north will lose access to the rapid transit network at the Laurier and Mackenzie-King Transitway stations. Users of the core of the transit system will now have to make their way either to the Campus Station or to the Rideau St Station (entrance located near Rideau/William streets). In some ways this is a step backward for residents of this area of Sandy Hill adding 5-10 minutes of travel time to access the transit network. ASH will be making the case that these LRT induced changes make a strong case for dedicating some resources to improving the connections from the neighbourhood to the Rideau St LRT station.

In addition to this Downtown Moves study the City has just announced a 30+m$ renovation/addition to the Arts Court which is also in this same study area. This project also identified an improved walking environment in this “theatre district” as one of the goals of this project.

Together these two projects offer possibilities for some significant changes to walking and cycling routes in these areas.

For more information, refer to the Downtown Moves Study.

Refer to the City of Ottawa website for information about Bus Routing Changes affecting Sandy Hill in conjunction with the implementation of the LRT project (includes map of proposed route changes, table of bus volumes post LRT).


Last Updated: 25-Jun-2012