Ottawa Is Listening to Sandy Hill On Noise and Housing

October 18, 2013 (updated Oct 26)

The Ottawa Citizen has run stories this week which show that the city is starting to hear what Sandy Hill students, landlords and permanent residents alike are saying about noise and housing conditions for UofO students.

There has been a massive response from Ottawa residents wondering why no leadership is being shown by the City or the University to reverse current trends that affect our historic neighbourhood.

  1. Video: John Dickie, Chair of the Eastern Ontario Landlord’s Association, and students Jamie Lafrance, Carine Belanger and Daniel Stojanovic talk about student involvement and concerns about noise issues in the Sandy Hill area.
  2. In a separate story, the number of noise complaints, the lack of university residence space and its impact on the community is discussed.  Action Sandy Hill is calling on the University of Ottawa, which has grown by 15 000 students in the past dozen years with fewer than 300 new residence beds, to build more residences on its main or Lees campus and not in the community.
  3. Another article by Derek Spalding “Massive student housing conversions must end“, addresses the city-wide concerns on this phenomenon, which is the result of a lack of planning for student housing and loose rules on demolition disguised as conversion.
  4. Action Sandy Hill continues to work for solutions to preserving and enhancing the character and diversity of our beautiful and historic neighbourhood.  Our concerns, discussed in the ASH executive’s letter to the Citizen, are also shared in many neighbourhoods across the city under similar pressures, though none have felt them quite as sharply as Sandy Hill.
  5. ASH board member, and Chair of the Celebration Sandy Hill working group, Suneeta Millington, speaks in an Ottawa Citizen video along with her cogent written analysis of the situation: “Students are not at fault in Sandy Hill”.