‘Noise In Sandy Hill’ Website


A pilot project  has been launched called noiseInSandyHill.ca .   It’s an initiative of the Sandy Hill Town & Gown Committee, of which ASH is a founder member.  We wish to particularly thank and recognize the energies of the Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization (EOLO) for creating this new website, in consultation with the City and residents.

The objective of the project is to allow landlords to be notified of noise infractions so that they are informed and can take action if they deem it necessary. Action can range from a discussion with the tenant to an application to terminate the tenant’s tenancy, depending on the severity of the problem.  Under the current law tenants, not landlords, are responsible for noise penalties and landlords are not notified of complaints or fines.  This differs from other bylaws, such as garbage or building standards violations, which are the responsibility of the landlord.

Note that all landlords will be contacted, not just those who are members of EOLO.

If you experience a noise problem:

1. Report it to the City of Ottawa as usual by calling 311. Make sure you get a report number.

2. After you have done this, go to noiseInSandyHill.ca and follow the instructions posted there.  You can leave your details (which we recommend) or report anonymously.

If you have any feedback about this service please contact us at info@ash-acs.ca