Lansdowne Park Re-development (Lansdowne Partnership Plan)

In Nov 2009, City Council approved in principle, a plan to re-develop Lansdowne Park. This approval spawned a number of more detailed studies (transportation network impact, retail viability, etc) and based on these studies a final decision to proceed with the plan was made in 2010. This plan involves the City of Ottawa investing 130M$ to renovate the existing stadium and provide approx 1200 underground parking spots. In addition, 300,000 sq ft of new retail development, a multi-screen cinema, and some new townhomes, office space, and a hotel would be constructed on the site by a private developer.

One of the key issues surrounding this project is whether the transportation network (basically Bank street and the Queen Elizabeth Driveway) will be capable of coping with this incremental demand from all of the new aggregated uses on this site, particularly during 20,000 person events in the stadium. In these cases, a number of special measures will be needed such as special bus operations, occasional closings of Bank street to all vehicles except buses, special shuttle bus operations to remote satellite parking lots, etc. Ottawa is now embarking on a 6B$ plan for a new rail based transit system and the Lansdowne site is not located anywhere near this new rapid transit line or its extensions. Should we be investing 130M$ in a large public stadium which is not located anywhere near our rapid transit system? A recent City of Ottawa study evaluating potential sites for a new stadium ranked at least 4 other possible locations higher than Lansdowne as the preferred location for a stadium. Action Sandy Hill was involved together with other downtown community associations in examining closely the transportation study which in June 2010 concluded that the transportation issues could be managed adequately for this re-development.

In June 2010, City Council decided to go ahead with this proposed Lansdowne Re-development.

For more information (including all the history of transportation studies) consult the following location:

The detailed transportation report can be found here:

For a viewpoint of a citizens group opposed to the current plan you can refer to the following resource:


Last Updated: 28-Sept-2012