Garbage Changes Spark Education Push in Sandy Hill

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[04-October-2012] Click here to view original article.

EMC News – In light of the new changes to garbage pickup across the city, board members of the Sandy Hill community association are taking action to educate residents.

Starting Oct. 29, in an effort to reduce the amount of solid waste the city is sending to the landfill, green-bin materials will be collected each week while garbage pick up will be reduced to once every two weeks. The frequency of cardboard and container recycling won’t change.

As a result of the transition, 158,000 households in Ottawa, including Sandy Hill, will get a new garbage collection day.

Christopher Collmorgen, president of Action Sandy Hill, announced that because of these changes, education is needed to control the amount of garbage piled up on its streets.

“Garbage is an uphill battle for us as it is and I think this change will be hard,” said Collmorgen.

“It will be all about educating residents.”

Sandy Hill’s garbage pickup will change from Wednesdays to Tuesdays.

Many University of Ottawa students call Sandy Hill their home, because of the close proximity of the neighbourhood to the university. The number of students living in the downtown neighbourhood has created many battles between home owners and students, including disputes over garbage piling up at rental properties.

“We have a lot of issues with buildings that don’t have the proper receptacles to hold the amount of garbage they produce now, when the new changes come in, we will really be in trouble,” said board member François Bregha.

Unfortunately, Collmorgen said, efforts to educate residents can only go so far.

“We will have to recognize that change is difficult,” he said. “We should give it time, and we may need to literally hold our noses during the transition.”

Some board members indicated reservations about having to once again be in charge of telling on their neighbours if garbage is placed out incorrectly or remains for weeks on end.

Rideau-Vanier Coun. Mathieu Fleury announced the city will be monitoring the transition closely to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible, including offering residents tools to learn about the collection schedule, including a searchable online calendar, as well as weekly collection reminders by phone, email or Twitter.

Residents will have the opportunity to choose whether they want the alerts to arrive the evening before or the morning of collection day. More information about the city’s changes can be found at