The mandate of the Fundraising Sub-Committee is to assist ASH in the planning, coordination and implementation of all fundraising activities in support of the projects and activities of the association. In particular, the Sub-Committee will, on request or with the permission of the Board, perform the following tasks:


  1. Advise the Board on any fundraising matter.
  2. Develop the fundraising strategy for the association
  3. Implements, monitors and evaluates the fundraising strategy once it is adopted
  4. Identify and maintain a list of existing and potential sponsors and funders
  5. Assume the lead for certain fundraising activities, such as membership recruitment
  6. Assist Board Members in managing interactions with sponsors/funders: obtaining funds or in-kind services, thanking sponsors/funders in writing


The Sub-Committee may be headed by one Chair or two Co-Chairs. Any member is eligible to join the Sub-Committee upon nomination by the ASH Board. A request for nomination may be sent to the Co-Chairs of the Committee.


The Sub-Committee will try to hold a meeting every month, mid-month. Additional meetings may be held at the discretion of the Chair or co-Chairs.


The Sub-Committee will report regularly to the ASH Board through the Chair of the Communications, Membership and Outreach Committee. The Sub-Committee will report to the ASH Membership at the Annual General Meeting.