Frequently Asked Questions

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City Issues

What are the N11 Codes?

211 public information and referral services
311 non-emergency municipal government services
411 directory assistance
511 weather and traveller information
611 telephone company and repair service
711 message relay for telephone devices for the hearing impaired
811 non-urgent health care triage services
911 emergency services

How do I let the City know about a garbage or noise problem in my neighbourhood?
We recommend calling 311 to report any garbage or noise problems in the neighbourhood.
You can also e-mail the City at:
When e-mailing the City, please include, in the cc line so we are alerted to the problem.
If you wish to know the outcome of your call, follow up with the City using the Service Request Number you
received when you initially called in your concern.

How do I let the City know about traffic complaints?
We recommend you contact the City at (613) 236-1200, ext. 7300, please note the plate number of the vehicle

How do I contact the Rideau-Vanier Ward City Councillor?
You can call Councillor Mathieu Fleury at (613) 580-2482, or e-mail him:
or check out his website:

ASH Membership

Who can be members?
Everyone who lives and works in Sandy Hill is eligible. We enroll members by household and all adults (18+) have voting privileges at the Annual ASH General Meeting in May. A household is defined as all individuals living under one roof. This may be an extended family, a family with boarders, or a group of adults living together.

Why does ASH ask for adult members’ name, phone number and e-mail address?
ASH needs this information so that we can contact you, should an urgent issue arise that could have impact on
the community. We’ll only contact you if there is an important development in your immediate area, for example,
a controversial development. If you’ve agreed to receive e-mails from ASH, we will also send regular summaries
on ASH issues. ASH needs to know about its demographic so that we can claim to be truly representative of our
constituency. ASH is only as strong as its membership, and if challenged, we will then be in a position to know
who is a member and how many members we have based on our updated list.

How does ASH protect my privacy?
All information is collected exclusively for the use of ASH and is never provided to any other organization.
However,if a member does not want some of this information to be recorded, we will respect their wishes.
Dormant memberships are retained for two years and then purged from our files.

What other ways are there of becoming an ASH member?
Besides our membership campaign, you could become an ASH member. Print out the form found on our membership page, then mail it, along with your postal order or cheque for the membership fee (made out to Action Sandy Hill), to the address indicated on the form.

At the Sandy Hill Community Centre:forms and envelopes can be picked up, filled out and dropped off at the
Sandy Hill Community Centre information desk.