Fleury, Sandy Hill to Clean Up Lingering Traffic Issues

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[15-March-2012] EMC News – The councillor for Rideau-Vanier is working with residents in Sandy Hill to finally tackle an 18-year-old study that is bogging down the neighbourhood’s ability to address new traffic issues.

At the February Action Sandy Hill meeting, Coun. Mathieu Fleury presented the 1994 traffic study to the group’s board of executives and it listed 60 items to be addressed in the Sandy Hill area.

Fleury said this particular vintage of study is common for the downtown corridor communities.

“This study relates to most areas downtown, where there is a backlog of items,” Fleury said. “The list of items is based on merits and, in some cases, issues remain on the list because their priorities are so low.”

The councillor is working with the public works department to find solutions.

For example, one item highlighted in the study is the need for a crosswalk at King Edward Avenue and Osgoode Street. Fleury proposes painting a zebra marking crosswalk, making the crossing safer at a much lower cost.

“It is about finding solutions that have the same impact, but resolve more quickly and at a more reasonable cost,” Fleury said. “I am not comfortable just ignoring the list or removing items that remain without looking into them first.”

Fleury explained he is dealing with a $2.5 million city-wide budget for the entire four year term of council. The tight budget is part of the reason why a list such as this one has remained around for so long.

For Action Sandy Hill president Christopher Collmorgen, the idea of the 1994 traffic study still kicking around was surprising.

But Collmorgen and the board are willing to take on the task as long as it does move the items of concern along.

Fleury said he wanted the community’s support and input in working on the list appropriately.

The good news for both Fleury and the board was that of the 60 items on the list, 30 will be solved through the Rideau Street redevelopment project. And since the councillor presented the list to the board, there are only 20 left that need to be addressed.