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UPDATED 2-Feb-2021

Information provided by City of Ottawa:

Subject: FW: St. Paul’s Respite Centre Stats & Highlights – January 21-28, 2021


Good afternoon,   

Sharing the highlights of St. Paul’s Respite Centers between Friday, January 21 to Thursday, January 28, 2021. Please share with our community members.  

St Paul’s Respite Centre:

  • Total client visits – 127
    • 25 clients per day average
  • Total client interaction – 440
    • 88 interactions average
  • Total Hot and take away meals -272 meals served  

Outbreak at the nearby shelters have led to a decline in client visits and client interactions this past week. 

  • Clients turned away – 202 or an average of 40 per day due to outbreaks in the shelters
  • 72% decrease in clients

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FAQ – St. Paul Respite ENG

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FAQ – St. Paul Respite FRE