Cycling Improvements in Sandy Hill

Laurier Avenue Cycling Improvements west of King Edward: Although we have cycling lanes on the residential streets of Wilbrod and Stewart these lanes are lacking in quality connections to the cycling lanes on the Laurier and Mackenzie-King bridges. Cycling on Laurier between Nicholas and King Edward Ave, especially in the east-bound direction is particularly difficult due to the narrowing of Laurier Ave just west of Ottawa U. The curb lane is in fact so narrow that it is near impossible for a bike and a car to operate side by side on the road here. This presents serious safety concerns especially when cars are approaching at speed from the rear. It is also difficult as a cyclist when cars are stopped for a red light as it becomes impossible for cyclists to advance along the curb beside the stopped cars. Your Action Sandy Hill transportation representative is engaged in discussions with the councillor and the City to seek solutions that improve cycling along this stretch of Laurier Ave. We are also approaching authorities at Ottawa U. to ask for their help in providing leadership on this issue.

A more detailed description of this initiative can be found at the Ottawa Biking Problems website and in the following presentation:

Sandy Hill corridor on East-West Cycling Route: In addition to the improvements described above along Laurier Ave near Ottawa U. the City has also proposed in its 2012 budget funding to improve the conditions along the Wilbrod and Stewart cycling lanes (i.e. pavement and drainage improvements to collect less puddles after rain events) and to extend the cycling connection from the eastern end of those lanes along Cobourg St to cross Rideau St into Lowertown and onwards to the Beechwood area.

Ottawa Biking Problems is an excellent web site that details city-wide areas which are particularly problematic for cyclists.

Other Problem areas in Sandy Hill (in addition to the Laurier Issue listed above) are described here:

Mackenzie King Bridge across Waller St connecting to Wilbrod/Stewart cycle lanes

This intersection has been studied as a candidate for improvements for cyclist’s movements as part of an ongoing City program for evaluating safety issues. No final decision has been made yet as to whether this intersection will be put on the priority list.

Ottawa U. Transitway Underpass:

This connection between Sandy Hill and the Corktown pedestrian bridge at the Campus Transitway station is currently a high conflict area between cyclists and pedestrians. In fact, officially cyclists are to walk their bikes through this area. As part of the implementation of the LRT project this station will be completely re-designed and priority will be placed on improving the cycling connection. This work will likely occur in the 2017 timeframe.

New Cycle Path along Transitway route to Lees Ave: Also as a side effect of the conversion of the Transitway to LRT in 2017-2018, there is a proposal to add a cycling pathway alongside the eastern edge of what is currently the transitway to connect Sandy Hill underneath the 417 to the Lees Ave area. The City of Ottawa has a Cycling Master Plan which details the long term strategy for cycling improvements across the City.


Last Updated: 28-Sept-2012