Celebration Sandy Hill Special Projects List

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The following are some examples of initiatives identified, considered or already underway in which your neighbours and community members are involved. Come join us in our PLACEMAKING efforts!

  • Chapel Street Splash Pad Revitalization
  • Block Representatives Program Launch
  • Guerilla Gardening
  • Commemorative Naming and Honours Policy Working Group
  • ‘Welcome to Sandy Hill’ Call to Artists Campaign for Neighbourhood Art Installations
  • ‘Captured in Concrete’ Project for sidewalk and street improvements with a Sandy Hill twist
  • Sandy Hill Murmur Tours (Mobile App for Sandy Hill non-guided walking tours)
  • Project for Public Spaces Workshops
  • Horticulture/Landscaping Student ‘Buddy’ Program
  • Highlining the Bike Bridge: A Community Railway Garden
  • Urban Beekeeping
  • Ripples Grants: Financially kick-starting neighbourhood improvement initiatives
  • Seniors and Strollers: Multigenerational Exercise in Sandy Hill
  • Sandy Hill Babysitting Coop
  • ASH Awards Series: Renovator of the Year, Social Enterprise and Heritage Preservation Awards
  • Free Little Libraries