ASH Volunteer of the Year 2009-2010

There were so many outstanding volunteers for 2009 that we could not decide on just one so we chose five recipients:

1 to 3. Katie Biggs, Indigo Holley and Dave Bagler.

Katie, Indigo and Dave, from the Conservation Co-op, were chosen for their ongoing fund-raising efforts for the food bank and the victims of the fire on Mann ave.

4. Jane Gurr

Jane was chosen for her leadership role in organizing the community concerning the proposed development at 85 Range Rd.

5. Karen Bays

Karen and her husband, Geoff, moved to Sandy Hill from the Gatineau Hills in 1994. Her professional career focused on recreation and public health at the municipal level. She became more active in community issues when their home flooded for the third time in eight years with several feet of sewage in the basement. Karen became a founding member of the Sandy Hill Infrastructure Taskforce, a sub-committee of Action Sandy Hill that worked with the City, the community and our municipal Councillor to find a remedy, hopefully, to the sewer flooding problem. Indeed, she is now ASH’ Director for Infrastructure. Karen is an active grandmother and supports people and projects in Mali (West Africa) where she and Geoff worked for 18 months. She is a strong believer in community and if everyone does a little, a lot gets done.

Karen enjoys walking through our beautiful neighbourhood and appreciates the rich community we live in. She shares the common view that Sandy Hill is very convenient to many things, including shopping, services, nature and entertainment. In her spare time, Karen enjoys sewing, quilting and gardening.