ASH Volunteer of the Year 2006-2007

Martin LaPlante

At this year’s Annual General Meeting, well-deserved recognition was given to Martin Laplante, as Volunteer of the Year.

As a former Planning and Development Director of Action Sandy Hill, Martin expertly negotiated many compromises between developers and surrounding neighbours and businesses. And where a compromise was not possible, Martin presented ASH’s case to appropriate decision makers, more often than not, successfully. He presented a complex rezoning case to the Ontario Municipal Board, against three opposing Counsel.

Martin has also served with distinction as ASH Director for various portfolios, including Education, Recreation and Francophone Affairs. And been a regular contributor to our community newspaper, Image.

Martin has played an active role in children’s education, as President of l’Association des Parents et Enseignants of Pius X School, various School Board committees and as a judge in regional debating tournament.

His professional work has often dovetailed well with his personal interests and those of the community. An example of this is his development and publication of the results of a mathematical model of urban areas that predicts how changes in density in one part of a city affects density elsewhere in the city.