ASH Conflict of Interest Policy for Comment by April 21

ASH Members are invited to comment on the following proposed draft policy on conflict of interest, applying to members of the ASH Board of Directors and ASH Officers

At the last ASH Annual General Meeting in May 2013, members of ASH asked the Board of Directors to develop a policy on Conflict of Interest that would apply to ASH Board members as well as ASH Officers. Acting on this request, the Board of Directors created a Governance Committee that has looked in detail at that issue. The Committee completed its work and presented three documents on the matters for approval by the Board. The Board has approved, on a provisional basis, the following attached documents:

  1. ASH Conflict of Interest Policy
  2. ASH Conflict of Interest Guidelines
  3. Proposed Amendment to the Provisions of ASH By-Law Dealing with Conflicts of Interest

The Board of Directors now invites your comments, as ASH members, on these three documents. Please provide us with any comments you may have on this matter by writing to by Monday, April 21, 2014.

Once the period for comments is closed, the Board will approve a final text of the policy and will also ask ASH members at the next AGM in May 2014 to approve the suggested changes to the relevant by-law provision.

ASH Conflict of Interest Policy Final 06-April-2014

ASH Conflict of Interest Guidelines Final 06-April-2014

Conflict of Interest By-Law Amendment Final 06-April-2014